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 I'm Kristina, and I take on many roles in this wonderful journey called life. Foremost, I am a devoted mother to four incredible children and am privileged to be a foster mom to another precious soul, I love mothering all five of them! Over the past 16 years, my marriage has been a wellspring of strength and love, filled with laughter and the pursuit of shared dreams.

As a dedicated homeschooler, I actively shape my children's education while seamlessly integrating the teachings of Jesus into the very fabric of our lives.

My journey into the realm of maternal care began 12 years ago when I became a birth doula following the birth of my daughter in 2011. Recognizing my true calling, I became officially certified in 2013. Since then, I have continued to expand my expertise in various aspects of birth-related care, as indicated below:

  • 2015-present: Certified by the Association for Placenta Preparation Arts (APPAC)

  • 2016: Trained in child passenger safety with SafeKids

  • 2018: Trained in perinatal mental health and mood disorders through PSI (Postpartum Support International)

  • 2023: Certified Breastfeeding Champion

This summer, in 2023, I decided to further enhance my skills by enrolling as a student at Charis Childbirth Midwifery Academics. I'm set to begin this upcoming fall semester! As a newly enrolled midwife student, I am eager and excited about the journey that lies ahead. I can't wait to broaden my impact and uphold my unwavering commitment to supporting mothers, their precious newborns, and everyone I am fortunate to cross paths with.

Beyond my work in the birthing process, you'll often find me actively engaged in my church community, where I devote my time to working with the little ones in the children's church programs. It's a calling that brings me unparalleled joy.

And, of course, I have a daily pleasure—coffee. It's my small yet essential source of energy for life's adventures. In addition, I'm an avid crocheter, finding solace and creativity in every stitch.

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