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Service Description

  • KG Motherhood can pick up the client’s placenta(s) at a previously agreed upon time; or the client’s doula (another responsible party) may drop off her placenta(s). This may be dependent on a previous arrangement made between KGM and said client, to be outlined in the “Client Responsibility” section below.

  • The most up-to-date sanitation guidelines and other precautions will be carried out during the preparation of your placenta.

  • KGM will deliver the finished encapsulated placenta pills in a timely fashion to the place specified by the client. Other hand-off arrangements can be made for the client to pick up the finished placenta pills from KGM on a day and location discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

Client Responsibility

  • It is the client’s responsibility to notify KG Motherhood as soon after the birth as possible to request pick-up of the placenta(s). Failure to do so may result in delayed placenta preparation and encapsulation. Such delays may lead to decreased potency of nutrients, hormones, and other beneficial attributes from the placenta(s). Longer delays may even cause spoilage of the placenta(s) which would render it unusable for encapsulation.

  • It is also the client’s responsibility to discuss the release of her placenta(s) after her birth from the establishment where she delivers and to ensure proper storage of her placenta(s). The placenta is to be sealed airtight as soon as possible (in 2 ziplock bags or containers) and placed in a refrigerator. If a refrigerator is unavailable, then a cooler packed with ice is suitable until the placenta can be picked up or delivered to KG Motherhood for preparation and encapsulation. *refer to safe placenta storage guideline*

  • It is also the client’s responsibility to inform KG Motherhood any known blood-borne illness(es) or other health issues that I, Kristina Garcia, may become infected with through contact of bodily fluids (specifically maternal/fetal blood and amniotic fluid), such as HIV, hepatitis, STD’s, etc.

**My specialist does not determine whether my placenta should be consumed and makes no guarantee of my personal results from the capsules. The capsules should not be taken during times of illness, such as the common cold, flu, or mastitis. I understand that taking the capsules in any manner other than as labeled can have undesirable results. 

•If the client chooses to terminate the contract, thereby voiding the agreement for placenta encapsulation, the client must contact KGM to terminate the contract BEFORE KGM acquires the placenta(s) originally intended for encapsulation in order to receive a refund of any amounts of money paid to KGM by the client.
•If the client chooses to terminate the contract after KGM. has already acquired the client’s placenta(s) for the encapsulation process but contacts KGM BEFORE the encapsulation process has begun, a handling fee of $50 will be owed to KGM (if a greater amount than $50 has already been paid to KGM. by the client, KGM will refund the difference.)
• If the client decides that she does not want the finished placenta pills AFTER KGM has begun the encapsulation process, or if the process has been completed, the client will not be refunded any amounts of money already paid to KGM and client will owe KGM the balance of the fee previously agreed upon if the balance is still owed.

In signing this contract, you agree that you have read and understood the Service Descriptions and Agreement for KG Motherhoods Placenta Encapsulation Service and that you agree to the terms and conditions outlined therein, as well as the stated fee.

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