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Easy Travel Car seats

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

(please note that there are affiliate links in this blog post)

The holiday season is upon us, which means many families will be traveling with their little ones. I wanted to share these easy travel car seats, that we use with our Fantastic4.

Perhaps you are like me and have a heavy car seat or maybe you have a mix of kids in a 5-point harness and others who use booster seats. Whatever your setup is I found these two different car seats that I have dubbed "easy travel car seats" and I'm telling everyone about them!

Planes, trains and automobiles; what is a parent to do?

That was my predicament 3 years ago in 2016 and again this summer of 2019.

But because of what I learned in 2016, our 2019 summer trip was so much easier!!

We discovered this fantastic travel vest in 2016 called the Ride Safer Travel Vest (will refer to it as the RSTV, from now on). I purchased two of them since they are meant for children who are 45" tall with a weight of 30lbs and up. At that time we had two preschoolers and two toddlers. So two vest and two lightweight car seats were the perfect combinations for our 2016 trip, I bought a small and large (following what was recommended on the RSTV website). As a mom with multiple kids, I'm into expiration dates on car seats and these have a 7yr and 10yr life after the manufacture date depending on the style purchased.

That meant that all 4 kids will use these at some point, SCORE!

Those two vests were lifesavers!? They had a learning curve as most new things do, the week before the trip I had the two bigs (what i call my older kids) use their rstv instead of their usual car seat. That way we could all get the hang of strapping them in right, it was smooth sailing from there. The RSTV are so light and easy to carry, they are pliable so they easily fold. We stored them in our carry-ons and used a little car seat stroller to push the lighter shell car seats around. With each of us wearing a little one their back, pulling a suitcase and each one of us had the hand of one preschooler; we breezed through the airport.

Check us out, you can't even see our easy travel car seats!

Fast forward to 2019 Summer trip

The theme for this trip was Smooth Traveling.

This time I have two backless booster seat users, a preschooler and a kindergartener. All those different weight and height needs are a new level of figuring out what is best. Thankfully, my RSTV's had not expired and we were used to using them every now and then. We were able to use them again with my preschooler and Kindergartener. But what to do for my booster bigs.

This time I discovered the miifold. Talk about an easy travel car seat, that thing is amazing!!! It was so easy to use and they fold down small enough to fit in the small front pocket of a backpack!!! Do you know what that means? Each kid carried their own seat this time in their own carry on!

Check them out, see you can't even tell we are traveling with four car seats!!!

Get your Mifold here

Get your Ride Safer Travel Vest here.

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