Homeschool PE Parkour style!

I’ve shared before that I’m a WAHM that homeschools full time. My kids’ grades are Pre-K, Kinder, Second and Third. Most of my posts are work or parenting related but this one is different. This is my first Homeschool post and it is about an amazing Homeschool PE find, that I think many will enjoy!

Indy, winter is over, please stop with the cold!

If you watch the news or are local to Indy then you know its been rainy, snowy, cold and so wet! All that combined makes a great recipe for stir-crazy kids and overwhelmed mom. I decided that my fantastic 4 needed an outing that would work them out. Usually, I send them to the backyard to run and ride bikes and mark that as Homeschool PE class. With the weather we experiencing the backyard is not a place to have Homeschool PE; at least I don’t want them out there in the wet cold tracking in mud. I don’t mind them playing in the cold snow and tracking in ice but there is something so unpleasant about mud and grass.

The backstory on my find.

Flashback music starts now. Last September G1 wanted to go rock climbing for his birthday, so we found a place near us. Well, next door to the rock wall place is Train Yard 317, an amazing American Ninja Warrior dreamers come true.

If you have ever wanted to try parkour in a safe environment this is the place for you.

I reached out and learned they offer Homeschool Ninja Thursdays every Thursday. I chatted with the manager-trainer named George, to get all the information. He let me know the fee ($10 a kid, 5 years old and up), homeschool drop-in times (Thursdays 12pm-4pm) and out we went. It was a super last minute idea, so that threw my whole 4 easy tips to leaving the house out the window.

Future note to self DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!

Bonus for us, once getting in the van and pulling up directions we learned it is 10 mins from my house. I really didn’t know what to expect walking in, which is a bad thing if you know my kids. G1 & 2 have sensory processing disorder so I normally have to give them a heads up on stimulating activities. They asked about where we were going and then they got mad for my unpreparedness. They had their mini anxiety panic fits and got over it by the time I parked.

Not what I was expecting.

We arrived, walked into this amazing gym and were greeted by Mr. George. At first walking in is a little shocking because it is a legit parkour/ninja warrior setup and you can tell it’s geared toward adults and older kids. It isn’t bright happy kid colors and there is so much metal exposed, lol.

But that didn’t stop my crew. Mr. George laid the ground rules down, I signed waivers and he showed them how to use the equipment. He helped them with certain things but for the most part, they were on their own. We made sure to keep a watchful eye of them.

The bigs loved it, little G4 had to sit on the sidelines since she is still under the age minimum. But she sat with her toys and tablet at the table and was content. She cheered them on and threw one “I’m a big girl, I pee in the potty” fits. Yes, those were her exact words, lol.

Literally running up walls and swinging on ropes

This was seriously a great homeschool PE class that worked on upper body strength, endurance, courage and taking turns. Before we left I asked Mr. George if it would be ok to get a picture of him and feature Train Yard 317 in my new post. He was all for it and posed with the kids.

Local NINJAS!!!

Before we left we learned about local American Ninja Warriors that train at the Train Yard and were on the TV show! We even witnessed one warming up before we left. When we went home the kids and I decided to check it out on Hulu. We have some amazing local ninjas and I have some seriously inspired kids.

Go Check them out if you can! The don’t have a website but their Facebook page has all the info. Let me know what you think!

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