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Season of teens

Mamas with littles I know it’s hard and exhausting but it’s not forever. We are at a season in our family journey where my oldest ones are 13 & 11 and youngest ones are 9 & 7. Where they all still need me but more often they say “I can do it myself, I did this by myself or you don’t need to help me, just stay there in case ” so much more than ever before.

It’s this beautiful stage of sneak peeks to the amazing future adult they will become. Where I witness their maturity and tenderness mixed in with their still very young childish hearts that kindly reminds me they are still my babies and we are still growing.

Though there are days I miss the needy littles they used to be, the ones who depended on me for feedings and warmth. Who I nursed and carried all the time. Those are bittersweet memories now that are mixed in with teenage hormones and emotions.

There are many days I say “raising teens is for the birds, this is too hard for me”

But then those sneak peeks to the future happen and I want to cry at how mature are and what great humans they are becoming.

All these thoughts this morning are because of the plate of breakfast (picture above) and cup of coffee made for me by the bigs (what I call my older two). Yesterday I had out-patient surgery on my eye. Today I woke up to quiet footsteps on our normally loud, creaky wood floors. I heard their quiet whispers of “let mom rest, I will help you”

Then my bigs walked in proud of this awesome breakfast and coffee they made by themselves. They sat on my bed and shared that they also made breakfast for their littles (what we call the younger two) and what our day should look like with our homeschool lessons and chores.


After our chat they walked out and I stared and this breakfast made for me with love and took this picture.


My babies are growing and my heart is so happy it cries and I’m literally not allowed to rub my eyes.

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