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Update on Easy Travel Car Seats

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Do you recall the blog post I wrote in 2019 about "Easy Travel Car Seats" Guess what they get easier!!!!!

Check out this image from our winter trip in 2019. You can see 3:4 humans. The younger two are using the RSTVs in the front row and in the back row is my two older children but the angle doesn’t show one. The oldest girl is using her MIFOLDs old during a quick day trip.

It’s the littles first time using the RSTV’s and they are learning how to sit properly without their car seat, while using the vest. I think they did pretty well on this short trip.

The top tether kept them nice and straight to prevent them from slouching over. You may notice that the vest looks big in some parts but after conversing back and forth with one of the many technicians at Ride Safer I was informed that it was a good fit.

That is another reason why I love my Ride Safer experience. The customer service is amazing!!!

They reached out when my vests were delivered and did a facetime call with me to do a fit check. It really put my mind at ease even though I was a certified technician when I bought my vest back in 2019. Even the pros worry, lol. I did a follow up with them when we started using them with the younger humans too.

Fast Forward to 2021

First thing I noticed was the glow up for the younger two, their fit is vastly different from their first-time ride in 2019 .

This was our California Mother's Day 2021 and we didn’t bring any heavy bulky didn't car seats. Each kid had their own car seat in their backpack! We packed light and used the easy travel seats which fit in their carry-ons - which means not worrying about our car seats being mishandled and damaged.

As I mentioned above, all the kids have grown and it is noticeable! The bigs are using their MIFOLDs that haven't expired in the third row and the younger two are using the "old" RSTV (that also haven’t expired)!


If you recall, the RSTV seats were manufactured and purchased in 2016 and the MIFOLDS in 2019. The MIFOLDs have a 7yr expiration date (after manufacture date) and the RSTV, depending on the version, have a 7 (pink) and 10 (yellow) expiration.

They don't one expire until September of of this year (pink RSTV) and our MIFOLDs and yellow RSTV still have 4 more years on them!

As long as you care for your seats correctly and they haven't been in an accident they are good for their manufactured expirations.

Want your own Easy Travel Car Seat?

Happy and safe travels

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