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Homeschooling on-call

Many people including clients ask me how I manage an on-call business while homeschooling my four kids full. time. Well let me say this first, it isn't easy.

Truth BOMB:I really don't enjoy homeschooling as much as I thought I would.

Man oh man, how had I romanticized what homeschooling on-call would look like. I blame it on what a fantastic "Pinterest" toddler mom I was when I first started my business, eight years ago. I seriously thought I would be a Pinterest homeschool mom with older kids that would be "perfect learners". But alas I am not and thankfully I know I'm not alone in this department! I like so many other people who decide to homeschool realized, it isn't how I thought it would be and I needed to adjust my expectations. So to answer the #1 question I am always asked:

How does being an on-call birth worker and Homeschooling mom work?

There are three things that I credit for making homeschooling on-call possible:

Coffee, lots of coffee My support systemGrace

How do you like your cuppa? STRONG WITH CREAM PLEASE

As silly as it sounds coffee is a helpful tool for me, especially after attending a birth. I'm very fortunate to have a husband that occasionally works from home and controls MOST of his hours. But on the days where he has to go into the office, that means I'm up. Yes, that even includes the times that I may have served at a birth the day or night before. Coffee comes into play for me. Its a beautiful drink of comfort that helps me function and makes me happy. ALL great qualities for a mom whose homeschooling. But seriously coffee plays the smallest role in my homeschooling Birthworker hustle.

A good on-call Support Systems is an important component!

I've been in Indiana for four years now and finding a support system outside of my husband has been my biggest challenge to run my business. Back home in California my parents and in-laws were my go-to for childcare help when JR was working. Thankfully we have been blessed in the fact that he has a job where he controls most of his schedule and he too can work from home. He steps up to homeschool when one of the fantastic4 and I are bumping heads during a lesson. YES, that totally happens. I've also been blessed with some amazing friends, one who happens to be my neighbor. These amazing people have stepped in to help me with childcare during the day and even nights when I get called away to a birth. They support my family and me. They are a piece of the magic behind what I do as a birth worker. Without them and their help, I wouldn't be able to live this on-call life.


The last point is Grace

Give yourself grace and then give yourself an extra serving!

Choosing to homeschool was the easy part. What was hard was realizing I'm not a great homeschooler. Gosh how I wish I could be one of those amazing Pinterest homeschoolers but I'm not. I've come to learn I don't enjoy a lot of it and it kind of stresses me out. But I honest to God, truely believe that homeschooling is the best option for my kids. So on the days where it is really hard and I want to give up. I cry out to God and I beg for grace. I apologize to the kids if I'm frustrated, acting short or if they are struggling to grasp whatever we are working and we stop there. We walk away, ask for grace and go do something fun to reset ourselves.

So for those who may be wondering what kind of homeschooler I am. I've picked and chosen what works for us and like to call myself a faithbased unschooler.

Do you homeschool? Are you thinking about it? Read about my awesome Homeschool PE find!

Leave me a comment or question, I enjoy chatting about our homeschooling journey.

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